The 10 Most Tempting Coding Challenges Online in 2020

One of the best ways to learn something new and grasp the concepts in better clarity is to attempt quizzes and coding challenges. Coding is not an easy thing to do. It has no margin for error. Coding is tricky, complicated, and at times very frustrating, especially when you are sitting for hours at times trying to find a solution to your problems. Taking an online coding challenge can be the most fun way to learn to code.

Trying out your hand at new coding challenges and coding games can help you develop your skills and understand things in new ways while you win coding prizes and keep up with coding trends. Programming is, after all, just problem solving and the best problem solvers thrive under certain conditions that these challenges provide us with.

Whether you want to learn a new programming language, prepare yourself and revise concepts for a job interview, get your head into new things or just do it for fun or competition, the coding challenge is an exciting new way to do it all while also having the additional delight of winning prizes.

Take Any of the following Coding Challenge

Take Any of the following Coding Challenge

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Whether it’s the competition you seek or the games or the thrilling challenges, here are the top 10 most popular coding challenges available online in 2020.

1. TopCoder

TopCoder is our prime choice for coding challenges and competitions. Although this coding challenge is more suited to people with professional to advanced skills, TopCoder is a platform where you can attempt coding challenges or compete against other programmers in Single Round Matches that are offered a few times a month.

On top of all the competitions, you can complete the challenges from earlier contests and go on from there. If you are interested in learning advanced topics or are already a skilled programmer, TopCoder is your place to shine.

Pricing: Get excited! You don’t have to pay for anything at TopCoder. It’s an entirely free coding challenge.

2. CoderByte

With ten available programming languages that you can use to complete 300+ coding languages of various difficulties, CoderByte is an excellent coding challenge site. You can learn so much through this coding challenge platform with the options of trying to do the challenges yourself, but if you cannot, you can opt to obtain solutions and learn how to program efficiently.

If you are looking to prepare for a job, you can try out the excellent collection of interview-related challenges that you can find on CoderByte.

For people who are looking for beginner level to intermediate coding challenges, CoderByte is a fantastic choice.

Pricing: CoderByte offers both free challenges and paid challenges. On the premium subscription, you can look up coding challenge solutions as well.

3. LeetCode

Are you looking for algorithmic challenges? LeetCode has got you covered. They have a comprehensive list of topics from data structures to other programming languages, but this diversity is what makes this platform so good when it comes to learning and preparing for jobs. If you are a complete beginner, you should opt for other platforms.

One of the best features of the LeetCode coding challenge is the Mock Interview section. Created for job interview preparation, there are coding contests, brilliant discussion boards, and forums where people can talk about their experiences and interview-related questions, and other problems you could run into. The Mock Interview section makes LeetCode very unique and helpful.

Pricing: While there are free challenges and content on LeetCode, there’s also a handy premium subscription that will give you access to great challenges and features.

4. EdaBit

EdaBit could be the youngest platform that we feature on our list here, but it deserves the praise and the acclaim. EdaBit has gotten a lot of attention in recent times and rightly so. From new coding trends to over 4000+ coding challenges, this coding platform provides complete beginners with small challenges to learn new things.

An ultra-simple platform, EdaBit gives away just the online interactive coding challenges and not much else.

They call it the bite-sized challenges, which are small challenges that beginners can try and complete to improve their skills every day.

Pricing: EdaBit is an entirely free platform with no premium option available.

codewars Coding Challenges

5. CodeWars

CodeWars has a massive collection of coding challenges available at your disposal. With options like an interactive code editor, discussion boards, ranking systems, and a choice of over 20 programming languages you could complete the challenges in, CodeWars is one of the best all-round platforms available.

It’s the ranking system that gives a sense of competition with every challenge accounting for points. CodeWars is highly recommended for people who are intermediates in the field or are just starting. Their challenges are diverse in terms of coding abilities.

Pricing: The entire collection of coding challenges and coding games is available for free on CodeWars. There’s a premium option, though, which gets you some impressive features.

6. HackerRank

HackerRank is one of the other great platforms which has a vast collection of coding challenges available. Algorithms and data structures are the specialty of HackerRank that only talks about how much importance you should give these subjects.

With features like discussion boards for each challenge, user-submitted solutions, and lots of prep material for interviews, HackerRank is a complete platform that will make no compromises.

If you are intermediate to the advanced level programmer, HackerRank will suit you perfectly.

Pricing: With no premium option, HackerRank is entirely free.

7. CodeChef Coding Challenge

India has made considerable waves in the field of Computer Sciences in the past two decades with CEOs of massive tech companies coming from the country. CodeChef is a platform created by Indians to offer a platform to users that is competitive and interactive.

Offering challenges for all levels, CodeChef has all the bases covered. The best features of the platform include the fantastic list of challenges for all levels, a colorful online code editor, and one of the best programming communities of the world.

Lastly, there are coding contests that frequently take place on CodeChef in over a whopping 55+ programming languages.

Pricing: Premium option available but you can find the basic things you might require in the free version.

8. Geeks Coding Challenge (GCC)

If you are looking for coding contests, you should definitely check out the 3-day coding contest by GeeksforGeeks. An online tutorial-based platform that provides learning material for all languages, GeeksforGeeks organizes a Geeks Coding Challenge (GCC) where you can compete in various languages and levels of coding in Java, C++, or Python.

There are lots of coding prizes up for grabs alongside courses, merchandise, and accessories. Make sure to register yourself on time as there are limited seats available. There are three rounds that you have to pass to win the contest.

Pricing: It’s entirely free to register.

9. Exercism.io

A unique coding platform that caters to the needs of advanced level users, Exercism is a coding platform where you can have access to a large list of 3100+ coding challenges. With the choice of over 52 programming languages, you can find the one you want to learn or master and get started.

A unique feature that the platform provides is to learn with a mentor after you complete the challenges. The mentor reviews everything you do and helps you if you need it. You unlock new challenges as you complete the ones you are working on.

Pricing: Completely Free.

10. Sphere Online Judge

Sphere Online Judge, also known as SPOJ, is an online library that houses a huge list of coding challenges. With the number crossing 20000, there are various challenges that you can attempt and expertise in using the editor.

Sometimes the platform organizes little contests that can be rewarding for their best performers. The prizes include gift cards.

Sphere Online Judge or SPOJ for shorter is one of the biggest coding challenge libraries online. It provides over 20,000 different coding challenges you can master with their online editor. Still, you can submit your code even if it was created in another editor rather than their own.

Pricing: Completely Free.

Coding Challenges Conclusion


There you have the list of the top 10 most popular coding challenges online in 2020. Choose the one that suits you the best.

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