Sr. Backend Engineer

Sr. Backend Engineer
Invideo - Mumbai/ Remote, India
Full Time
Engineering & Technical
Aws Cloud platform Kafka

About the Company
Invideo is one of the most exciting startups building for the world from India. We’re passionate about empowering creators to bring their ideas to life and our award winning editor is how we do this. Building a film editor is a tremendously hard design and technological problem and the backend team powers the application APIs and rendering processes which are critical to the success of the product, so if you like working on hard problems then this is the place for you. Video of course is the next great frontier and we expect to ride the boom in video creation and build a company that everyone can be proud of.

We’re backed by some of the world’s leading investors including Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global and this rocket ship is just getting started.

About the Job

The backend team makes sure that our application APIs are in great shape. We have a monolith written in python and a number of services in golang. We run render pipelines for video and need to do this at scale. Currently, the system is undergoing a major rearchitecture. We are implementing our first message queues and moving towards a more distributed kind of system but without going full microservice. We still like our monolith but we decompose it into services where required. We are also paying off a lot of tech debt to enable us to move to containerised deployments so this is a great opportunity to learn about properly architecting applications and building out test, staging and production pipelines along with the DevOps team.

Most of our front end developers are full stack and write their own APIs. The backend teams job is to provide the platform on which to build and deploy these. It is more deep engineering work and not so much about writing user facing APIs.

We are fully remote and hiring across the globe so you will have very interesting colleagues.


  • Build the platform on which the user facing APIs are built, taking care of cross cutting concerns like authentication and security.
  • Design and own independent micro-services/modules at InVideo such as the render pipeline.
  • Work with backend architect to redesign existing modules.
  • Work closely with DevOps to ensure our systems are running properly
  • Mentor junior team members and introduce new technologies as and when required
  • Help us in recruiting and building a high-quality engineering team


What we’re offering

  • Competitive salary – money will never be your reason for not choosing InVideo and we’re committed to building a world class team building for the world.
  • Exceptional candidates will receive stock options.
  • Competent management, low stress and a chance to do the best work of your life (so far. we’re sure you will go very far in your career if you work here)
  • Interesting problems.
  • Amazing colleagues – you will work with some very smart people.
  • Sane work environment – we are creators at heart and we work with passion but we also know that products are not built on passion alone. We follow excellent engineering practices and invest in your growth. We also have good policies around leave, health insurance, ESOPs and so on which we’re happy to discuss when we talk.

Job requirements
About the Candidate (you!)

Do you love architecting and building back end platforms? Want to learn from some of the best people in the field? If yes, you’d be a good fit for the role.

  • 3+ years experience working on backend systems(preferably micro-services)
  • Strong experience building APIs and platforms.
  • Good experience with either dynamic languages like python, ruby and node or statically typed languages like Kotlin, Rust and Go.
  • Experience with deploying containerised services using Docker
  • Strong expertise with database systems and good understanding of scaling and optimising databases.
  • Experience with message queues like SQS and distributed logs like Kafka.
  • Strong problem solving mindset and experience solving complex problems in the past.
  • Experience working on cloud providers like AWS, GCP


Great to have

  • Strong experience with Golang
  • Previous startup experience
  • Test Driven Development skills – we rate this very highly in our selection process but it is not a requirement to apply.
  • Open source contributions
  • Writing technical blogs and contributions at conferences