Website Manager

Website Manager
Knime - Berlin, Konstanz, Germany
Full Time
Engineering & Technical
CSS Drupal HTML Web design Website

Who  are you

You’re an experienced website manager who brings several years experience in developing and maintaining websites. You love to make companies shine through their websites and want to give customers and users the best experience possible. You’re quick at dealing with bug fixes, know how to best prioritize change and feature requests, and have no trouble leading large projects from planning to deployment. Our website is based on Drupal – so you know this system inside and out. You’re experienced in the key programming languages (HTML, CSS, …). You understand website design and UX best practices and will ensure we stick to them! Therefore, having hands-on UX experience is a bonus. You’re always one step ahead of the curve and can anticipate what changes or additions should be made – and you take initiative by getting them started! Fluency in written and spoken English is a must have for our international company.

What’s the job

You’ll be responsible for the maintenance and development of our entire website (www.knime.com). This includes anything from fixing a small bug or coordinating a feature request, through to leading a large project. You’ll coordinate and work with our agency, which does all the implementation, to ensure all relevant/required tasks are completed. You’ll play a key role in driving the strategy behind the website, together with our content team: user journeys, navigation, and findability of our (great!) content, ensuring KNIME is presented according to our company values, and of course making sure people have access to and know about our software! Importantly, you’ll make sure the right testing and monitoring tools are in place for everything we do. Our content squad will create content and provide visual direction/requests for landing pages and blogs, which you’ll then build in the CMS. You’ll support them if additional functionality is needed on any of these pages. You’ll communicate internally with (mostly) the marketing team, but also other internal stakeholders on a project or task basis, as well as externally with our website agency and freelance UX designer.