Exciting Coding Games to Improve Your Programming Skills

To all those who heard that coding is a universal skill and they must have such skill, you are at the right sport to know how coding games can improve your programming skills.

Gradually you can enhance your coding skills with coding games, and if you are at the beginner level, you can get a lot of help through coding games.

Let us introduce you to the best ten coding games to improve your programming skills.

Why to Code at all?

Well, technology is all about coding.

What devices we are using, including mobile applications, virtual assistants like Alexa Siri, Bixby, each of them is developed through programming.

The world needs to be proficient in programming to keep advancing the technological trends and bring more benefits to humankind.

By the end of 2020, there will be around 2.4 million tech-related jobs in the education sector will be vacant and among those 71% jobs are related to computing and programming according to the #STEM education stats. Coding is not hard to learn!… Share on X

Open source platforms to learn new skills

Today, users have hundreds of resources at their disposal on the Internet to develop or learn any skill they want.

For example, YouTube has thousands of channels where you can learn to speak English or even draw or, as we saw recently, that is learning how to code.

Apps to learn programming allow you to improve your skills from anywhere, whether at home, on the bus, or in a waiting room.

Learn how to program

Learn how to program

Programming is one of the skills most sought after by professionals, and many users have decided to invest the free time to acquire basic knowledge about programming.

However, YouTube is not the only option to learn how to program for free and easy. It can also be done using one of these mobile applications that have options for all levels and ages.


Numerous mobile applications have a large number of courses and tutorials related to programming.

They offer the possibility of learning from anywhere, following simple tutorials. They have courses for Java, C ++, JavaScript, Objective C, Android, or Python.

Such apps are available for Android and iOS too.

As the vast majority of studies agree, a significant percentage of professions that we know today will disappear, and new ones will appear that we do not even know today.

This means that, as far as possible, we must anticipate this new situation and offer from school training more flexibility to what our students will find in the future.

Programming scope for future

In this sense, it seems that programming learning will have exceptional value in many of the new professions.
Due to this, programming is beginning to enter with great force in recent years in schools, not only in Secondary Education as you might think, but also in Primary Education.

Even some Early Childhood Education centers have already begun to let the students learn programming in a practical and manipulative way.

In this post, we offer you ten educational Apps to play and learn to program on tablets and smartphones for students in Early Childhood and Primary Education. All of them have a free version, although some also allow a Pro version.

educational apps to learn

Ten educational apps to learn how to program

Selection of educational applications to learn how to code:

1. Lightbot

It proposes different scenarios to program the movement of the robot using different blocks that fit together like a puzzle: a sequence of instructions, procedures, loops, etc. The player must light the correct tiles to move to the next level.

2. ScratchJR

Application inspired by the famous visual programming language Scratch. It allows you to animate characters and objects on stage using block logic. It is ideal for creating multimedia narrations at an early age, incorporating avatars, audios, scenes, etc.

3. BlueBot

Offers different scenarios by which to trace the bot’s trajectory using the forward, reverse, left and right turn blocks. Challenge mode adds random obstacles, adding complexity to the necessary algorithm.

4. Robotizen

Inspired by visual programming languages ​​like Scratch. Thanks to this application, children can learn fundamental programming concepts: sequences, commands, algorithms, conditions, loops, etc.

5. Programming for Kids – Learn Coding

This is one of the coding games to teach kids the basics of programming and algorithms. To do this, use games in the form of connecting the dots.

6. Hopscotch

To use it, you use blocks of code that move with your fingers to play from what you have created. Once a game has been designed, simply publish it to the Hopscotch community. This application allows you to explore the fundamentals of computing, such as abstractions, variables, conditionals, or loops, among others.

7. Cargo-Bot

This is another app to learn programming in the form of a game based on the control of a robotic arm to give it orders and move the boxes in a series of predetermined zones. To motivate children, the game presents logical challenges with different levels of difficulty and allows you to start from any level without having to start from the beginning.

8. Kidlo Coding Games for Kids

It contains 11 games for children to learn how to program: “Little Firefighter,” “Monster Dentist,” “Bite the Fruit,” “Garbage Truck,” “Pop the Balloons,” “Ice Cream Time” etc. Kidlo Coding helps children improve their problem-solving skills, stimulate memory, and develop logical thinking skills.

9. Tynker

It is a visually very striking and very complete App. To play, you have to drag code blocks so that the characters overcome the puzzles of each level. The Web is much more comprehensive, but to start programming, the App has enough material. There is a paid version: Tynker for Schools.

10. Code.org

Although it is not properly among coding games, Code.org is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to learn how to program. It is suitable for all ages and includes multiple protagonists such as “Flappy”, “Angry Birds”, “Frozen”, “Minecraft” or “Star Wars”. They also have a 20-hour course with different levels aimed at different age groups.

coding game Code.org


Programming is a universal skill and not limited to any profession. So, no matter what are the aims of your children for the future, they must have comprehensive knowledge about coding.

To serve the purpose, coding games can be considered as the best option to learn how to code at an early age.

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