Ultimate Platforms to Improve your Tech Skills from Home

In today’s world, thanks to the technological improvements for overcoming barriers, numerous websites and free resources allow you to learn new Tech skills from home without spending a single penny.

Thus, whether you are looking for a job or want to improve your CV, you can learn technical skills or improve tech skills, languages ​​, and knowledge from home.

Learn to operate and work with the new software, delve into subjects of IT, computing, or any other field with which you have never had contact, the universe of online educational platforms is perfect for you.

Top Free Online Tech Learning Platforms of 2020

These platforms allow you for tech skills learning at your own pace, interactively, with the times you choose from the comfort of your home, using your favorite device, taking advantage of the downtime, and in a flexible and self-taught way.

Next, we tell you which are the best websites and online platforms to learn for free. With them, you can go from designing your app to delving into the programming languages and interact with the software for day to day use for digitization purposes.

Everyone has embraced the technology till now. Just to highlight the importance of technology in education,

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Utilize your free time to get back to the free online resources to learn and upgrade tech skills.

Websites to Improve Tech Skills From Home for free

Best Online Resources and Websites to Improve Tech Skills From Home for free

1. Coursera | The Best Platform to Learn Tech Skills From Home!

This is the most popular online education platform in the world, created by Stanford University. It has courses from more than 100 universities and numerous business schools. The platform features well-designed courses that you should explore and consider from this platform to improve tech skills from home.

Coursera’s mission is to provide universal access to the best education in the world and, in our opinion, they have more than succeeded.

Here you can find the best universities in the world (Yale, Stanford, IESE, ESADE …) offering fantastic free courses on the most varied subjects (economics, business, computing, literature, music).

The courses may have slightly different formats and methodologies, but the vast majority offer excellent content quality, good pedagogical presentations, multimedia resources, and active and motivating learning.

You can consult the material of many courses for free as a listener (although if you want a certificate you will have to pay).

Coursera Specializations

At Coursera they have done a great job by creating what they call “specializations”. Here, Coursera groups together a series of courses on the same subject, ordered by difficulty and ending with a final project that you must complete to get the specialization. Each specialization provides a reasonable in-depth study of a certain topic, with a well-designed learning curve to keep you motivated throughout the process (for example, this specialization in video game design and creation from the Autonomous University of Barcelona).

Currently, they also have masters in all kinds of subjects taught by prestigious universities.

2. Skillshare – Improve Creative Tech skills from Home

This platform has online classes and courses, primarily focused on unlocking your creativity and opening your mind to new knowledge and projects. They have training classes for the people who love to be trained as IT professionals.

So, if you want to utilize your free time to improve your tech skills, then this could be one of the best platforms to start.

3. edX

This is the online course platform of Harvard University, although massive open online courses related to tech subjects from other academic institutions are also taught. It is one of the largest and most recognized e-learning platforms when it comes to improving tech skills for passionate learners.

4. MIT open courseware

MIT offers free content to learn programming and helpful training sessions to work with different applications. MIT open courseware helps to improve tech skills through intensive courses. Whether it’s about learning programming languages or developing applications or about training like professional Microsoft Office Suit MIT open courseware is always ranked as one of the best tech platforms for learning.

5. Code Academy

You can get started in programming and take courses on JavaScript, PHP, Python, jQuery, Ruby, and HTML or CSS at Code Academy. The classes are well designed along with the practice exercises to build creativity and logic, which are essential when it comes to being a good programmer.

6. HTML5 Rocks

This platform is a Google project on programming with the latest updates, guides, and tools. HTML5 Rocks are among the most popular platforms for tech skills learning. Google has taken an excellent step to help massive audiences for improving their tech skills through a single platform.

7. FutureLearn

Massive Open Online Courses platform of the Open University of the United Kingdom and with more than 100 partners creating courses on its platforms, such as universities in Europe, the United States, Australia, and South Korea. On this platform, you can find very diverse subjects in the field of Information Technology. It is explicitly focusing on the courses offered to improve tech skills from home.

How to Improve Tech Skills From Home for free

8. Udacity

You will find MOOCs, especially on topics of technology, computing, or Social Media, created by companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, or AT&T.

9. Kadenze

This platform of MOOCs and free online courses is specialized in the field of technology and computing. The first course in the program is free.

10. Canvas

You will find numerous free courses on topics such as business or technology on this platform. Among the number of courses offered in different domains, there is a tasty variety of subjects and training to improve tech skills from home.

11. Khan Academy

MOOCs on computing and mathematics are available to improve tech skills through specially designed training. Content has been translated into more than 36 languages ​​, and almost 5,000 videos aimed to provide a precise knowledge about the new tech skills from home.

12. European Multiple MOOC Aggregator (EMMA)

At the moment, it is in a pilot phase and is supported by the European Union. It groups and teaches courses from European universities to improve tech skills. This can be one of the best options to go with while choosing a platform from where you can learn new tech skills from home.

13. Open2Study

This platform for MOOCs belongs to the Open Universities Australia (OUA). The free online courses for educators and on very varied subjects but specifically on information technology.

14. Microsoft Academy

It is the virtual Microsoft academy, full of online courses and that offers you free online training on computing, development, and data science given by world-class experts that will allow you to develop your knowledge and boost your professional career and improve tech skills from home.

Improve Tech Skills from Home Today

Improve Tech Skills from Home Today!

No matter from which domain you belong to, whether it’s any subject related to science or the arts domain, technology is a part of every person’s daily life.

Today, there is no restriction for people with a computing background to gain and improve tech skills from home. Technology is indulged in our everyday life, and because of it, most of the people are so much concerned about tech-related skills.

Among hundreds of tech platforms, not every single free resource is the best and most appropriate for what you seek. Therefore, we bring the best of the online resources from where you can improve tech skills from home.

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