UX Developer

UX Developer
Tangível - Human-centered by design - Lisbon; Remote, Portugal
Full Time
Design Developer Front-end UI UX

We are looking for a UX developer to bridge the gap between User Experience principles and technology. The contribution of a UX developer in any project is fundamental for the two teams – design and development – to be able to join forces and deliver interactive projects, simple and, above all, that satisfy the users’ needs. The person we are looking for is someone who understands the importance and weight of an interface’s response to the user beyond its technical execution.



* Implement / build layouts making sure they are bullet proof to multiple screen sizes, cross-browser, cross-device and cross-platform;
* Ensure quality of the delivery in regards to the front-end development;
* Work closely with UX and UI team.



* Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or related;
* 3-5 years of experience working as a front-end developer;
* Strong knowledge of HTML and accessibility good practices;
* Experiment leveraging CSS (LESS or SASS);
* Solid knowledge of Vanilla JavaScript;
* We value experience with JavaScript frameworks or libraries;
* Experience using version control systems (Git or SVN);
* Excellent debugging skills;
* Mobile app development experience;
* Familiarity building products with design systems, including implementing modular responsive websites;
* Ability to work in cross-functional teams;
* Good written and spoken English.