8 Do’s and Dont’s of Video Interviews Success

Video interviews have transformed hiring for many companies and revolutionized the way companies develop their recruiting structures.

Therefore, we came up with the Do’s, and Don’ts should be kept in mind for a successful video interview. This blog will be a video interview guide with quickie tips to get the most out of a little content.

Thanks to the appropriation of new technologies, the increase in access to information and connectivity provided by the Internet.

The traditional personnel selection processes have migrated to virtual spaces, where both candidates and employers seek new opportunities from the interactivity of this type of platform.

What brings with a Video Interview?

Digital interviews are an excellent ally for companies, as they help to streamline and optimize recruitment processes and for candidates since they prevent them from being absent from their jobs.

Video interview allows speeding up the selection of candidates during the first phases of the process, while now having technological advancements and the ease it creates, nearly 40% of interviews, in the first instance, are carried out through online platforms.

Since it is a tool that allows efficient shortlisting of candidates without involving more significant efforts in displacements and identifying critical skills for the position that is required to fill.

How to do a job video interview and not fail in the attempt?

Here are the 8 Do’s and Don’ts that we have composed as a quick overview of video interview tips.

How to do a job video interview

1. Check The Interview Type

Currently, recruiters handle two types of video interviews.

In the first, the interviewer sends the candidate a series of questions for him to record and later sends the video with the answers so that it can be analyzed.

The second is the best known and implemented by companies, which uses a virtual platform, such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, or Zoom. This method interviews the candidate in real-time and helps in not only measuring his knowledge but also his personality.

After knowing what type of video interview you are going to do, proceed to verify the link to record your interview, in case it is the first option.

If it is the second, check if you have the virtual platform and whether it is compatible with the operating system of your computer.

Don’t get yourself ready a moment before the interview, as technology can mess up things due to incompatibility issues, some bugs with the software, your Webcam may stop working, and so on. Always check your items a few hours before your interview.

2. Check the functionality of your equipment

Although it is the essential point, technology can fail, so it is critical to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your equipment work correctly?
  • Is your Internet activity, and is the signal good?
  • For this, it is important to do tests beforehand.

If you are on a laptop, connect a battery power cable, or make sure it is fully charged. It is also advisable to use an Ethernet cable and not the Wi-Fi signal, since many times the connection may fail by flashing.

Wait your turn to speak

3. Wait your turn to speak

Have you noticed that there can sometimes be a slight delay when communication is by video calls?

This usually occurs due to the low intensity of the Internet signal and can lead to a situation where the interviewer and the candidate interrupt each other.

To avoid this and make sure the conversation flows, wait a little longer than you would expect if you were interviewing the person.

The point here is technical, but you will experience and learn how much delay you have to make to keep the communication smoother over the Internet.

4. Look at the camera

Your first instinct will be to look at the interviewer and not at the camera.

Although it seems strange to be looking at the small point of your Webcam, it is important to do so to create a closer relationship with the recruiter.

By fixing the camera, you are ensuring that the person conducting the interview feels like they are making eye contact.

Similarly, if you see yourself on camera, this will give the interviewer a feeling that he is lowering his head and will not be positive.

To avoid this, you better choose to cover the image with some object which will surely not let you see yourself on the screen which pretends like you are lowering your head.

5. Think about the space around you

The secret to making your home, or where you are present for a video interview, look as professional as possible is to choose a clutter-free, minimalist background. Click To Tweet

Do not have a background that can distract the interviewer and make sure that space is ordered correctly.

Try different lighting options until you find the one that works best for you. Opt for lighting that doesn’t obscure the image, something that will happen if the light is directly behind you.

6. Minimize possible interruptions

It is important to put the cell phone on silent mode. In the case of taking an interview at home, shut down the landline.

Think of anything else that might distract you during your video interview and schedule everything so that this does not happen.

Close all Internet pages that may catch your attention and disable email alerts. If you live with other people, tell them that you will have a video interview so they will not interrupt you.

If you have a pet that makes a lot of noise, try moving it to a different place in the room.

7. Update your profile

If your username is unprofessional, your interview may start badly.

Please note that everything you say and do in an interview will be used to create an image of you, and so you will need to keep your identification up to date, preparing your account for professional use.

Lastly, make sure that your profile picture shows it to you, and hopefully, it is a sober photo.

Think of a plan B:

  • Did you keep the recruiter’s contact?
  • It is essential in the case of having a technological mishap in the interview.

After the initial video interview, make sure that all communications with your interviewer are made via email and by phone.

Do not send a message by the instant messaging option of the different platforms that offer video calling services.

8. Be ready for screen sharing options

When getting ready yourself for a video interview, along with many other notable things, always close all unnecessary windows on your laptop and put all the necessary files in one folder, which you think can be asked to show.

Interviewers, most of the time, ask for the presentation, and it will definitely be done by sharing the screen and running the pre-designed presentation.

So, you do not have to open unnecessary windows in front of recruiters as it depicts a very strange and bad image.

ace job video interview


Try to present yourself composed, well prepared, sober, and very communicative type of person during your video interview.

Follow what we have mentioned in the blog as these are fundamental and simple tips that should be followed when going for a video interview.

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